Naut Sluijter is an Utrecht-based Designer, who loves experimenting with a lot of mediums. Mainly working as a Graphic Designer.

Type: Posterserie

Het is maar vlees (2021)
"Het is maar vlees" what means It’s Just Meat is a poster serie made to talk about problems in the meat industry. In each poster, there's a person holding a piece of meat that says, "Het is maar vlees" The illustrations use black, red, and white colors to keep things simple and powerful.

Writing "It's Just Meat" directly on the meat piece is meant to make you think about where your food comes from and the impact of your choices.

The series aims to make people more aware and get them talking about the food choices we make.

Project 2
Type: Book

De 10 inzichten in mijn spirituele
voettocht (2022)
An redesign of a dutch book called ‘Een reis van 800 kilometer. De 10 inzichten tijdens mijn spirituele voettocht.’ from Erik Smithuis. I wanted to redesign the book because I wanted it to represent more of the journey. I felt like there were still some elements missing from the old design. I tried to put it in a more modern style because the story is also a modern one.

Project 3
Type: Posterserie

Colorful Industry (2022)
The poster serie "A Colorful Industry," is inspired by Erik the Architect's song "I Can't Lose". It's all about bringing the music to life through a burst of colors and lively visuals.

The artwork is a mix of vibrant colors that match the different sounds in the song. From bold blues to energetic greens and passionate reds, each color adds a unique vibe, creating a visual dance that mirrors the music.

Shapes and lines in the artwork represent the beats and rhythm of the song, giving it a dynamic feel. 

I made the posters in a combination with analog en digital.

Project 4
Type: Experimental Short Film

Praat Gwn Nederlands (2023)
In 'Praat gwn Nederlands,' an experimental short film, in which the creators examine issues related to power dynamics within the Dutch language. They reflect on the accessibility of bureaucratic language used by various government institutions. To what extent is this language understandable to the ordinary citizen? Language is constantly evolving, and by analyzing the power imbalances that arise from the use of current bureaucratic language, the creators of this film aim to raise awareness and inspire people to strive for a more inclusive form of language use.

This was an collaboration with multiple people, credits on the end of the film.
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